All the supplies here and more are available at U-Turn Rentals. The best part of it all is just give Logistics Concrete And Solutions a call they would love to do your project for you using our tools, excavators,  and concrete. Let us a wide ranged concrete company partnered with two great companies do your projects so you don't have to stress about doing them. 

Don't Hire Just Anyone, Hire VMC Concrete. We will make sure the job gets done right the first time. 

Bull Float

Finishing Tools

​(all available next door at U-Turn Rentals)


7 cubic ft-

NOT Garden Style


Tape Measure

There are 100's of ways to setup and pour concrete. There is no way to explain all the ways in this short page, but here are some basics to start with. 

Finishing Machine

​Center Cut 

​or Groover


Form Lumber:

​2x4's or 2x6's 


#6, #8, or #16

Chalk line

Square pt and Round pt Shovels

Basic Tools

​(all available next door at U-Turn Rentals)


Concrete Buggy

Skid Loader


Concrete Rake (kum-a-long)

Aluminum Screed or 2x4

Wood ​Stakes


String Line

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