Breaking New Ground

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A Successful Career Casted in Concrete

Owner Terry Chriestenson had a novel idea leveraging his deep knowledge of the concrete business to open a rental store catering specifically to contractors. We will spend as much time with our customer as they need. 


​At VMC Concrete we pride ourselves on being one of the local concrete companies that supply Reddy-Mix Concrete, custom mixed on site. With residential and city mixes available. With multiple Concrete Trucks delivering your concrete needs in or outside Wichita City Limits is no problem. Just give us a call to schedule your pour.

We aren't just a Reddy-Mix concrete company we are a locally owned company with many years of experience. We are partnered with our sister stores U-Turn Rentals and Logistics Concrete and Solutions to supply you with your rental equipment and tool needs. With being partnered with our sister companies there is no reason to have a honey do list.  

Our owner Terry Chriestenson has a novel idea leveraging his deep knowledge of the concrete business and partnering it with U-Turn Rentals and Logistics Concrete and Solutions. Giving the contractors and DIY customers everything they need or want to complete there projects. Better yet Logistics Concrete and Solutions will do your projects for you. 

Let us help get the job done right!